Business Loans & Credit

  • Term Business Loans

    • Take care of almost any business need
    • Fixed interest rates and flexible repayment schedules
    • USDA Guaranteed Loan, Ohio GrowNOW, and Ecolink Programs


  • Small Business Loans (SBA)

    • Great competitive rates and flexible repayment terms
    • Small Business Administration (SBA) loans also available
    • Local decision-making and personal service you trust


  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

    • Purchase, refinance, or renovate your business space
    • Competitive fixed or variable rates and flexible payments
    • Southern Ohio decisions for fast, personalized service


  • Equipment Loans

    • Get the right equipment you need to operate your business
    • Fixed monthly payments for easy business forecasting
    • Quick, Southern Ohio based decisions and service
  • Business Lines of Credit

    • Meet your short-term financial needs quickly
    • No need to re-apply to reuse the funds
    • Pay interest only on the amount you use
  • Business Credit Cards

    • Be ready for any unexpected, immediate business expense
    • Competitive Annual Percentage rates (APR)
    • Choose between our Standard Card or Preferred Points Card
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