Visa Check Card

The American Savings Bank Visa® Check Card looks like a credit card, but works like a check. It gives you a faster, more convenient way to pay for the products and services you need, without fees or interest to pay.

Use it anywhere Visa is accepted to make quick, safe purchases, or use it at any of our surcharge-free ATMs for easy access to your cash, wherever you need it.

  • Accepted anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Can be used as an ATM card
  • Provides an easy way to pay
  • Reduces the need to write checks
  • Reduces the need to carry cash
  • Transactions are debited directly from your checking account

**NOTICE** Due to increased fraudulent activity in Great Britain and Malaysia, American Savings Bank has blocked all debit card activity in those regions for the security of our customers. If you are traveling to England, Scotland, Wales, or Malaysia, please contact us at (866) 866-3177 with your travel dates PRIOR TO TRAVEL, to unblock your debit card number. In addition, due to the increased fraudulent activity in California and New York, all point-of-sale transactions have been blocked in that state. All PIN based transactions remain unblocked. If you are traveling to California or New York and wish to complete point-of-sale transactions in that state, please contact us at (866) 866-3177, with your travel dates PRIOR TO TRAVEL. Again, these blocks have been established to protect our clients.


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